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b12How do I make an appointment?

We are located in Gordon on Sydney’s North Shore. Patients come to us from all over New South Wales, Australia and internationally. See our contact details

To book an appointment with one of our practitioners please ring (02) 9418 1388 option 1 between our contact hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, appointments need to be booked and confirmed for all our practitioners.

How long is a consultation?

Please check under the individual practitioner’s information as each practitioner books differently.

How many appointments are needed?

This varies depending on the reason for your consultation. If your child is seeing Dr Underwood for autism please advise reception and they will book a minimum of four visits. Your child may need six weekly visits for the first year. Dr Lee’s new patients are booked in for three visits. All other patients will need to check with their practitioner.

Do I need to confirm my appointment?

Yes, we will send you a text message where possible or phone to remind you of your appointment. We then need to hear back from you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.

Our confirmation text message system is pre programmed with a limited number of characters and does not allow us to alter our message or receive detailed information from you.

When replying to a confirmation text please reply yes or no and the patient’s name.
If you need to inform us of any other detail please ring reception on 9418 1388 Option 1.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, a cancellation fee may be charged if less than 48 hours notice is given.

Can I go on a waiting list?

Yes. If you would prefer an earlier appointment for any of our practitioners we can place your details on their waiting list

How do I find the center?

You will find this information on the Locate us page of this web site. We have also included a map and information on where to park.


Where is the parking?

For information on where to park go to our Locate Us Page

Where is the closest train station?

We are half way between Gordon and Pymble stations. The walk from Pymble station is slightly down hill. You need to cross the Pacific Highway at Livingstone Avenue and then again at Ryde Road, a major intersection. It is easier to walk from Gordon station – cross over the Pacific Highway and head north. It is a 15-minute walk.

For more information on where to park go to our Locate Us Page


What sort of tests do you do?

Tests are dependant on your condition and vary. Your practitioner will advise you of any tests required.

Can I arrange to have my tests done before I see the practitioner so the results are ready for my first appointment?

No tests will be ordered prior to your initial consult.

When will my results be ready?

While some tests are ready the following day, others can take up to four to six weeks to be ready.


Do you bulk bill?

We are a private practice requiring all accounts to be paid on the day. You are then able to claim from Medicare for the doctors and your private health fund, where applicable, for our Naturopaths and Osteopath.

Do you offer discounts for pensioners?

No. However you are welcome to discuss your fee with your practitioner if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Can I claim from Medicare?

Yes, you are able to claim from Medicare for all our doctors’ accounts and if you are on a plan from your GP, you are able to claim for some Osteopath and Clinical Psychologist appointments, but not the Naturopaths.

Can I claim from my private health fund?

Yes, our Naturopaths, Osteopath and Clinical Psychologist are registered with private health funds. Please check with your individual fund to see if you qualify and what the rebate is.

Do you take all credit cards?

We accept MasterCard and Visa

Can I take an account?

No. All accounts need to be paid at the time of the consultation.


What is Functional Medicine?

Please go to our Functional & Nutritional medicine page


Where are the Pfeiffer collection centres?

Please go to our Pfeiffer page

Do you have a list of doctors who do the Pfeiffer treatment?

Please go to our Pfeiffer page

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